Adam Woodyat

I was walking through Ipswich town centre just the other day, when who did I see but none other than Adam Woodyatt, perhaps better known as Ian Beale from EastEnders (of which I am an avid fan).

I shouted, "hey, IAN", at him across the street. He didn't seem to hear me so I repeated myself, volume increased: "IAN! IAN BEALE!". Eventually he turned round, fuming, and snapped. "You know that's not my actual name, it's just the name of the character I play..."

"Oh, Adam, for cod's sake," said I, with a hint of puntastic genius, "there's no need to get annoyed! It's so out of plaice."
"I don't work in a chip shop either, look, I'm an actor..."
"Don't worry, I understand Ian" -
"It's not Ian, it's ADAM" -
"There's no need to flounder about like this."
"You just mind your P's and Q's young man!" He was visibly annoyed, for some reason.
"Mushy peas?"
"Oh, Adam, you're such a chip off the old block."
"Are you trying to be funny?"

By that point I was all punned out, and I wasn't quite prepared to move into the battered sausage or quarter pounder territory, into which so many brave men have previously ventured, never to return. Instead I just asked him to autograph this BBC promotional pamphlet I conveniently happened to have with me and made a hasty retreat. I don't want to get into bad haddocks. Thanks Ian!


P.S. Does anyone else think that solely playing one role for 20 years redefines "typecast"? Ian didn't.

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  1. Mr Manager - 24/5/2016 - 4:24pm

    So tell me who's still got a cushy gig on BBC1 and who's languishing in lower-management software development?

    I know who had the last laugh and it were none of the readers of this blog post.

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